National Poetry Month 2016: Recommending Nick Flynn

Along with my early recommendation this month of Dorothea Lasky, I want to guide readers to the poetry, and other writing, of Nick Flynn.

“[Y]ou are being continually/tattooed, inked,” Flynn write in “Tattoo,” “with the skulls of/everyone.”

His poetry is vivid and daring within a style that seems effortless and inviting. As with Lasky’s poetry, I want to linger on Flynn’s words, and I often find myself smiling—sometimes from the humor, but mostly from the joy of reading his work.

For the English teacher especially, I highly recommend “Forty-Seven Minutes.”

Please visit and enjoy:

2016 Tattoo Nick Flynn
2014 Forty-Seven Minutes Nick Flynn
2013 harbor (the conversion) Nick Flynn
2011 forgetting something Nick Flynn
2007 Emptying Town (audio only) Nick Flynn
2004 Father Outside Nick Flynn
2002 Swarm Nick Flynn
The Incomprehensibility Nick Flynn

One thought on “National Poetry Month 2016: Recommending Nick Flynn”

  1. I had a student make it to the Poetry out Loud state finals with a Nick Flynn poem: Cartoon Physics, Part 1. My first look at him! I use his poetry in every class now.

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