MCU Director’s Edition Phase [humor]

Spider-Man: Manhattan

Woody Allen

[Filmed in black and white] Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider. Set during Peter’s time in high school, Gwen Stacy leaves Peter for MJ. Depressed, Peter dates a middle-school girl he meets at the museum.

Avengers Limited

Wes Anderson

The Avengers reassemble. On a train. In India.

Black Widow: Barefoot and Pregnant

Quintin Tarantino

After a positive pregnancy test, Natasha Romanoff wakes up, bound and barefoot in a dark basement.

Black Panther: Jungle Fever

Spike Lee

Set in 1968, T’Challa visits the US and faces the challenges of interracial relationships when dating Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.

Doctor Strange and the Multi-Senses

M Night Shyamalan

Stephen Strange struggles to connect with his family, including a highly perceptive son who sees magic people.

Daredevil: Justice Is Blind

Aaron Sorkin

An intense two-hour court room scene punctuated with quips about justice being blind ends with a hung jury and a frustrated Matt Murdock who has forgotten about a date with Karen Page while being distracted by seeing Elektra in the court room crowd.

The Hulk: MCU Be Damned

Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese

Bruce Banner’s gamma ray experiment rips a hole in the time/space continuum so intense that all superhero films are erased from existence.

On Disney+

Curb Your Super Powers

Larry David

Larry debates with his wife and friends, including the original cast from Seinfeld, what order to watch MCU on Disney+. Nothing happens.