9 Poems in 2019

Writing poetry is a distinctly different process for me when compared to blogging or traditional scholarly writing such as essays for journals, chapters for books, or complete book volumes. Poetry, as I tend to explain, simply comes to me for no conscious rhyme or reason.

Often, I quickly type out those first bursts in Notes on my smartphone, mailing that draft to myself. Some days, I revise on that Notes draft because my brain is frantically working before I am unable to find a space to stop in front of the laptop and properly draft.

Poems typically are revised over several hours while I drift back and forth between that draft and other work, writing, or such.

2019 included 9 completed poems, included below. They are good representations of how my poetry tends to focus on relationships (my deceased father recurs in the poems below), playing with and being fascinated with language and grammar (many of these poems began with obsessing on a specific word), and body parts. I always must share that I am deeply indebted to those works that inspire me—new music, novels, etc.

9 poems of 2019:

the sun was never at our fingertips

afraid of ghost (v.)

vertiginous (Notre-Dame cathedral is on fire)

over full (overwhelmed)

filthy feet (next step)

past (father’s day)

the most often thing (nature is a force)

i love a woman who swears