Top Posts of 2019

You’ll notice a trend around the “science of reading” Reading War that gained momentum in 2019. Since I spent so much of the past year writing about that topic, I am now using much of that work to compose a new book for IAP: How to End the Reading War and Serve the Literacy Needs of All Students: A Primer for Parents, Policy Makers, and People Who Care. Hoping to have this to the publisher early in 2020.

As always, I am thankful for those who visit this blog and read my work. It is the focal point of my writer life, my advocacy, and my scholarship.

At this writing, my blog has 10,400 followers, and in 2019, had 122,746 visitors with 175,492 views.

I learn a great deal sitting at my laptop and composing several days each week. Without an audience, I must wonder if I am a writer, so those who read, again, are very important to me.

Top 10 posts of 2019:

The Big Lie about the “Science of Reading” (Updated) 34,921

The Big Lie about the “Science of Reading”: NAEP 2019 Edition 8054

The Problem with Balanced Literacy 3847

Checklist: Media Coverage of the “Science of Reading” 1415

The Dancing Comma, and Other Punctuation High Jinx 1237

RECOMMENDED: John Warner’s “The Writer’s Practice” 1236

The Wrong “Scientific” for Education 965

Evidence v. Advocacy in Teaching Reading: “We Should Not Mistake Zeal for Warrant” 961

Parent Advocacy and the New (But Still Misguided) Phonics Assault on Reading 802

Minus 5: How a Culture of Grades Degrades Learning 756

Not quite Top 10, but want to give these an additional bump:

12. Super Sex: Body Objectification and Superhero Narratives 714

14. Unsweet Tea: On Tokenism, Whiteness, and the Promise of Culturally Relevant Teaching 618

16. Dog in the Sink 590


A few more stats.

118 posts in 2019.

123,688 words at an average of 1,048 words per post.